Aromatherapy Certification Florida April 26-29, 2022

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Come join, Certified Aromatherapist Rebecca Totilo to study aromatherapy certification in person (Yes, a LIVE CLASS) in Florida. This is for those wanting to become a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist Level 1 in the foundational principles of aromatherapy and are seeking to become qualified in the therapeutic uses of essential oils. Students will learn to confidently work with over 2o+ essential oils. This aromatherapy course is being held in-person in Florida

When: April 16-19, 2021

Where: Clearwater Beach, Florida

Times: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

*OPTION: THE LIVE TRAINING IS 30 HOURS. If you want to join NAHA as a Level 1 Certified Aromatherapist, you will need to complete 20 additional hours on your own working on case studies from our Aromatherapy Certification Program..


Aromatherapy Certification In-Person Training

April 26-29, 2022

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Want to learn about aromatherapy in person? Rebecca Totilo, a certified aromatherapist is hosting a live class in Florida. If you are interested in learning the foundational principles of aromatherapy and are seeking to become qualified in the therapeutic uses of essential oils this class is for you. Students will learn to confidently work with over 2o+ essential oils.

If you are currently working in the health care industry or are seeking to enhance your career in alternative or complementary health care, this is the course for you! Many of our graduates have gone on to create essential oil retail businesses, online stores, organic and holistic body and skincare product lines, and consultation services. Students will learn how to use essential oils with a hands-on interactive curriculum in a beautiful, luxurious setting. As an entry-level course, no previous aromatherapy training is required. Our aromatherapy certification course is open to all who want to learn more about aromatherapy and become certified aromatherapists. Students will learn to confidently work with over 2o+ essential oils.

Upon successful completion of this live class, graduates may continue their studies with our NAHA approved online program Level 2 coursework for certification as a “Certified Aromatherapist.”

 Meet Your Instructor

Rebecca Park Totilo, Certified AromatherapistFor many, having a dream career and doing what they love is simply a dream! At Aroma Hut Institute, we help you turn your passion and dream of working with essential oils into one of the most rewarding experiences in life. With skillful guidance, bestselling author, Rebecca Park Totilo will help you plunge into a new exciting career in aromatherapy!

All of our aromatherapy online courses are personally tailored and written by her and include decades of personal experience. Each aromatherapy certification course includes interactive discussions, videos, audio segments, and numerous other resources to enhance your educational experience. Her teaching style will keep you involved with hands-on blending and engaging lectures.



Aromatherapy Course Overview

A variety of topics will be covered concerning the many aspects of aromatherapy including essential oil usage, the chemistry and science of aromatherapy, and business practices. Other topics covered:


  • Essential Oil Profiles
  • History of Essential Oils
  • Basic Physiology (the limbic system, lymphatic system, and immune system)
  • Methods of Extraction
  • Interaction on Physical and Emotional Levels
  • Methods of Application
  • Carrier Oils
  • Production and Quality of Oils
  • Blending Techniques
  • Safety and Contraindications
  • Methods of Absorption
  • Consultation/Communication Skills
  • Essential Oil Chemistry and Botany
  • Business Skills
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Ethics


Mission and Objectives

    • Students will have confidence in the safe and therapeutic uses of essential oils.
    • Students will have a clear understanding of the scope of aromatherapy practices and clear goals for an aromatherapy practice.
    • Students will have a solid foundational knowledge of the therapeutic and emotional aspects of over 20 essential oils and 20 carrier oils.
    • Students will know how to consult clients and evaluate which essential oils would be appropriate to use and how to use them safely and effectively.
    • Students will gain experience in the creation of a variety of body care products for self-care and professional use.
    • Students will be proficient in how to blend essential oils and create therapeutic products.
    • Students will be able to differentiate between fragrance & essential oils, and learn an oil based on its country of origin.


This is an entry-level course for anyone! No Aromatherapy Training is Required!”



Many of Our Students Go On To:

  • Develop a new career in aromatherapy.
  • Enhance an existing health care practice through the use of essential oils.
  • Use essential oils for personal growth, self-care, and holistic and alternative medicine.
  • Create essential oil retail businesses, online stores, organic and holistic body and skin care product lines, and consultation services.


Your Aromatherapy Certification Florida Package Includes:

    • In-person classes have access to over 20 different therapeutic grade, organic and wild-crafted essential oils and create several products including massage oils, inhalers, roll-on blends, massage oils, and more! Over $200 in value!
    • Detailed Information about various aromatherapy organizations and journals.


Why Choose Us

  • Awesome Interactive Courses
  • In-Person Aromatherapy Certification Training in Sunny Florida
  • Provide a Career Path & Teacher Training
  • CEUs Available through NCBTMB
  • Natural & Organic Therapeutic Quality Oils
  • Expert & Qualified Instructors
  • Certification Available – NAHA Approved
  • Franchises Available for Graduates of our Teacher Training Program


Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Our aromatherapy certification Florida courses are approved for Massage Therapy by NCBTMB for 30 hours (in-person class).




All supplies for in-person classes are included in the tuition. You may use your own essential oils for activities if you choose.


8 reviews for Aromatherapy Certification Florida April 26-29, 2022

  1. Nancee (verified owner)

    Goods hands on training. Fun environment and lots of support from Rebecca.

  2. Linda (verified owner)

    Excellent class! Rebecca is a true professional and a gifted teacher with a wealth of knowledge. Excellent texts and lots of hand-on experience. I highly recommend the class for anyone interested in getting a good foundation in aromatherapy and essential oils.

  3. foodrx (verified owner)

    Great program for all disciplines of healthcare. A important foundation for anyone that is an EO user or distributor.

  4. Stephanie (verified owner)

    This program has been wonderful!! It was very informative and Rebecca is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend!

  5. Celine (verified owner)

    There was so much information in the Aromatherapy Certification class to learn, yet Rebecca made it seem easy and helped us retain the information. I’m now ready to start my business and have the confidence and knowledge needed!

  6. dabsheer (verified owner)

    Excellent class. Thank you Rebecca!

  7. Nancy (verified owner)

    Great Weekend! So much information and hands-on training. I have much more confidence working with essential oils and developing blends then I did before. Rebecca is a wonderful, instructor with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and the patience of a saint. I would definitely recommend this training!

  8. nancyl (verified owner)

    As a Health Coach I feel that this is an excellent class for anyone who is interested in learning Aromatherapy! Rebecca shares her knowledge generously in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. I feel quite confident that I can now help support my clients with essential oils to help them reach their health goals!

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