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Hosting a make-and-take class is a great way to share essential oils with friends and family. These include having hands-on activity where your attendees create an essential oil product they can take home with them to use. Here you will find some great make and take class kits ready to use with recipes, teacher notes, and script!  In these make-and-take classes, you can introduce essential oils in beginner or special interest classes such as Essential Oils for Pets or Oils of the Bible,  class.

Here are some of the ways you will benefit as an aromatherapist from hosting a class:

  1. Hosting a make-and-take is fun. Most people love the hands-on activities and getting involved in a lively discussion about essential oils. Getting to take a product home they made is something everyone looks forward to.
  2. Your make-and-take class is a great way to draw attention to your business. Many people who attend your class are usually interested in learning more about you and what you offer. It is a great opportunity to tell them about the services you offer as an aromatherapist.
  3. Make-and-take classes give people a chance to experience essential oils and try something new. If you sell essential oils, you can introduce them to new oils they don’t have and may be willing to purchase them from you.
  4. Make and Take classes can be a mini-version of a certification class and you can whet their appetite for more ways to integrate the oils into their daily life.

How to Host a Make and Take Class:

  1. Always charge a fee to cover materials and the venue space. Don’t forget to figure in your time!
  2. Advertise your event on social media and local newspapers. Collect fees in advance so that you can have the proper amount of supplies on hand. Collecting the class fee ahead of time also helps people commit to attending the event. You can also let people pay at the class, but this can be risky if you do not know how much to hand on hand for oils and supplies.
  3. There is a number of ways to set up your space for blending activities. Be creative. You can set up stations around the room, or do a seminar presentation style for your class.
  4. Don’t forget to customize your make-and-takes to the time of year. For springtime, make allergy blends, or cold and flu blends for the fall. All of the recipes are included with a shopping list. You can also find recipes online to use in your class. Just remember to keep it simple so that all participants will enjoy the class.



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