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Choosing an Essential Oils Book

There are many excellent essential oils book and aromatherapy books available on the market today on important topics such as Essential Oil Safety, Essential Oil Chemistry, Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Babies, and so on. However, sandwiched between those titles is the gluttony of self-published books (mostly ebooks) offered by Amazon or another online bookstore that leaves much to be desired; simply because of the author’s lack of subject knowledge. Even if you did find a title with a lot of positive reviews, this is not necessarily an accurate reflection of the reliability of the information contained within its pages. When it comes to potentially unsafe usage and the amateurish or uneducated individual could mislead someone.

Amazon 5-star Review | Aroma Hut InstituteIt is very common these days, for problematic essential oils book to have many good reviews from friends, downlines, and other acquaintances to post. Years ago before Amazon caught on, many authors used to purchase reviews on to help get their book to improve boost ranking.  YIKES.  It is definitely a buyer beware market.

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When shopping online for an essential oil book, you will want to do a little investigation and background check to make sure you are spending your hard-earned money wisely.


How to Choose an Essential Oils Book | Aroma Hut InstituteWhen shopping for an essential oil book, there are several things to take into consideration. Ask yourself the following questions:

Who is the Author? Do a little research. Read the author’s bio and check the author’s background and education in aromatherapy. See if the author has any brand or commercial affiliations that may influence there experience or opinion. In some cases, not necessarily all, if the author is affiliated with a specific brand, they may not be as objective and show bias toward their brand.

Does the book merely list the publisher or an editor instead of listing the real author?

What’s the educational and professional background of the writer?

Is the writer an educator? Do they have any professional affiliations with national organizations that withhold a standard in aromatherapy?

How long has the writer been working with essential oils?

Is the book brand-specific or even brand-neutral? The most objective books are usually those in which the writer isn’t affiliated with any specific brands. There are certainly exceptions. The point of this suggestion is to motivate you to look more closely at any possible bias.

What are unbiased essential oil educators, experts, and other essential oil writers saying about the book? Is it just essential oil beginners gibbering about the book in reviews or social media commentary? Beginners that comment or leave reviews regularly have a harder time spotting mistakes or potentially unreliable Does the book have forward or editorial reviews from unbiased essential oil experts?

What’s the edition history of a book? Is the book a part of a series which demonstrates longevity?

With so many new books on aromatherapy flooding the market, take time to do research and find the best resource for your library. This will ensure you make a wise investment.


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